Hello from Bangkok, Thailand!

My five-week visit to Thailand and Vietnam has just begun. This trip is my first to Asia and likely the last multi-week adventure abroad for a while* so I’m really excited for the experience to play out. The itinerary is scattered but includes, Bangkok, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai, Hanoi and Cao Bang. Each day I hear about something new to see, eat or do … Continue reading Hello from Bangkok, Thailand!

Heart San Francisco

After a third visit to San Francisco in the last year, I can openly declare my addiction and love of this city. A rare gem suitable for the solo traveler, urban adventurer, rugged sporty type or foodie, San Francisco has it all: beaches, nearby forests, miles of roadways for cycling, urban art, fun shops (sustainable and used recycled included), reliable public transportation, yummy eats and hostels (I … Continue reading Heart San Francisco

Selling Travel

Recently a 59-year-old National Geographic magazine made its way into my possession. It’s somehow still in readable and good condition. Perusing and playing with it over the week as been really fun: The national/cultural profiles are still relevant and even offer a glimpse into things forever changed: rural Lebanon, honey hunting in Nepal and 1958 surface maps of Antarctica. Another interesting feature of this “time capsule?” –  The advertisements. The fonts, colors and illustrations scream ’50s and … Continue reading Selling Travel


This is just a brag about my home territory, Minnesota. The coast of Lake Superior is a particularly beautiful and interesting part of the state, along what is called the Iron Range. Forests, small yet powerful rivers, dramatic hills and lake-side cliffs are a visual treat for visitors. Over time volcanic activity and glaciers sculpted the land surface so that, interestingly, the highest point in Minnesota, Eagle Mountain … Continue reading Minnesota

Help! Communicating is Difficult.

How do you stay connected to the important people in your life while traveling? Whether it’s offering support or just being the source of meaningful conversation, remaining in touch is key to emotional and physical health but to many it remains an afterthought of travel. My first week abroad I was very anxious. Fear of missing out on joy my friends and family would be having without me, … Continue reading Help! Communicating is Difficult.

Winding Down in Dresden

The sunset of this summer adventure fell in Dresden. Although originally planning just hours in the city before flying from Berlin to Miami, flight change craziness ensued after finding out five days in advance that I had nowhere to stay upon reaching the U.S. (boo hurricanes). For all the stress that came from changing plans, I did enjoy Dresden. Feeling tired physically, burnt out emotionally, and a bit sad about needing to return to the U.S., I wanted to both relax … Continue reading Winding Down in Dresden


I had to say goodbye (nasvidenje) to Slovenia on yet another day with heavy rain and chilly temperatures. However, not before spending an afternoon in Ljubljana, the gorgeous and historically important capital city of Slovenia. The city was the starting point of a somewhat regrettable journey to Dresden. With the remaining days of legal travel in the Schengen Zone dwindling, it became important to travel at … Continue reading Ljubljana

Croatia’s Coast

With so many national parks, islands and beautiful cities, it was tough to narrow down where to spend my last three nights in Croatia. After experiencing so much difficulty with transportation near Plitvice, it felt best to visit a more populated area with hiking trails researchable ahead of time. Učka Nature Park and the coastal town of Lovran below were a perfect fit and also … Continue reading Croatia’s Coast