Cycling Andalusia in 8 Days

Seville to Cordoba The cycling journey began in Seville, where I stayed for just an overnight in the city center. I departed from the beautiful city in early afternoon after zipping around the old quarter for sightseeing by bicycle before a Friday tourist crowd began to build. Seville is very bright and cheerful looking with a classic historic area, picturesque narrow and crooked streets and … Continue reading Cycling Andalusia in 8 Days

Rest Days on the Algarve Coast

Reaching the south coast marked a milestone of the cycling trip. Ten days after leaving chilly Porto, I arrived in the sunny, colorful town of Lagos and enjoyed a break from cycling the southern coast of Portugal. I played around with different Algarve routes and cities before settling on Lagos as a destination. It stood out due to its accessibility on a bike, including the … Continue reading Rest Days on the Algarve Coast

Portugal’s South Atlantic Coast

After a day of light cycling through Lisbon and taking a ferry south across the Tagus River, I reached Parque Natural da Arrábida. The quiet site consists of two main forested peaks and cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, a pleasant surprise so close to the city. The area also hosts a cozy camp ground which was home for two nights while I relaxed and barbecued … Continue reading Portugal’s South Atlantic Coast

Nazaré to Sintra: The End of the Silver Coast Journey

The coast south of Porto has been amazing and this last day has been my favorite stretch of the Portuguese Silver Coast so far. Day four of this cycling journey began in Nazaré, a delightful seaside town. Before taking off south along the Euro Velo 1 route, I stopped to see the famous waves that are found in this stretch of ocean due to the … Continue reading Nazaré to Sintra: The End of the Silver Coast Journey

San Francisco (Part 2)

After a third visit to San Francisco in the last year, I can openly declare my addiction to and love of this city. A rare gem suitable for the solo traveler, urban adventurer, rugged sporty type or foodie, San Francisco has it all: beaches, nearby forests, miles of roadways for cycling, urban art, fun shops (sustainable and used recycled included), reliable public transportation, yummy eats and hostels … Continue reading San Francisco (Part 2)

Selling Travel

Recently a 59-year-old National Geographic magazine made its way into my possession. It’s somehow still in readable and good condition. Perusing and playing with it over the week as been really fun: The national/cultural profiles are still relevant and even offer a glimpse into things forever changed: rural Lebanon, honey hunting in Nepal and 1958 surface maps of Antarctica. Another interesting feature of this “time capsule?” –  The advertisements. The fonts, colors and illustrations scream ’50s and … Continue reading Selling Travel

Interplay Between Reading & Lived Experience

Reading a novel, poem or diary while traveling can enrich the experience. A powerful narrative may provide a sense of comfort or much-needed outlet for relaxation or “me time” when familiar sources of relief are absent. Receiving a book from a new friend or fellow traveler can feel like a souvenir or special possession. Written stories are ever-affecting and a beautiful complement to our reality; we relate to them, learn … Continue reading Interplay Between Reading & Lived Experience