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Zürich and Lucerne

One of the beautiful views at Lucerne.

One of the beautiful views at Lucerne.

My first day in Switzerland was spent at Kunsthaus, wandering the area around Lake Zürich and looking for fun food (everything was a tad expensive). I was exhausted from my flight and did a bit less than I hoped but it was still enjoyable. The city was really quiet and clean and getting around on the network of trams was really easy and kind of fun.

The second day involved a trip to Lucerne in the morning. Being tired and not understanding much German, I took a wrong train (correct platform!) and ended up in Zug. I had to get off there and sprint across the station in an attempt to catch my correct train. This ended up working and the views of the water from the train were rather nice, with mountains peaking out in the distance.

Lucerne was really cute and I tried to stay by the lake in between sightseeing. Walking on the Kapellbrücke was fun and I really enjoyed views of the city from the medieval city ramparts. The mountains were really beautiful. One of the best parts of the day was snacking by the waterfront and taking in the view.

In the evening Zürich had a special “Night at the Museum” event that involved many museums of various types staying open until 2 a.m. Such an awesome idea!

My legs are feeling all the walking and hills today but Munich awaits!

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