Leaving a Trip to Chance

Good morning. Bom Dia I’m ready to continuing on my list of travel goals and the Thanksgiving holiday will provide enough time off work (always the biggest hurdle) to make such a trip a reality. Price alerts on flights to both Lisbon and Las Vegas are coming to my inbox daily. I fully intend to hike part of the Tagus River Trail or Grand Canyon but specifically need to plan day hikes not including camping overnight. I just don’t think I have it in me – either the knowledge or the fitness to carry equipment. Many energetic and enjoyable days and less of exhausting and extreme adventures are more interesting right now.

Las Vegas-proper actually has no appeal to me but it seems like the kind of place where a variety of businesses stay open around the clock and flights are always relatively cheap – an ideal jumping off point for multiple day trips. My parents have actually flown to there and then visited multiple national parks and had a wonderful time. I intend to do something similar. Growing up my family took several road trips to the Western United States and visited many national parks. However, that was more than a decade ago and would really enjoy another experience. Red Rock Canyon, Grand Canyon and Zion parks are all a reasonable drive away.

Portugal has remained alluring for a multitude of reasons – Lisbon, Porto and Parque Natural Tajo are of great interest to me. Preliminary research indicated most of Portugal is within my price range and this is a country I have yet to visit.

I’m interested to see how this strategy works out, although now I don’t know what to say when asked where I am going next. I would absolutely love recommendations on hiking or stays in either area. Hopefully cooler weather and the “off-season” timing means sleeping options that are both comfortable and affordable will be easy to find. Let’s see if I actually make it.

Thank you for reading,


“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

-Hunter S. Thompson


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