Lisbon via Sintra

Through a wonderful series of coincidences, getting from Almoçageme to Sintra took half an hour! Even thinking about arranging transportation to and from the cottage gave me anxiety but both ways were effortless. Truly. I was so lucky to not spend much and waste no time being lost. The Ruby Way of saying “yes” and figuring the details out later has proved effective again. Once … Continue reading Lisbon via Sintra

Olá, Lisboa

Foggy Lisbon greeted me this Christmas Eve with open arms. So far I really enjoy the atmosphere. It’s cheerful and the streets are full of a variety of people – very cosmopolitan. There is so much to take in just wandering around; holiday lights come on after sunset and cast a glare on the tiled streets; colors of the sky, fading from day to night … Continue reading Olá, Lisboa