Hiking the German/Austrian Border

I love a castle – whether it be a millennia old Moorish, Catalan fortress, golden château or ghostly ruin. Where architecture meets art meets history, they are a feast for the eyes and a joy to tour. However, many are not always a match for the majesty of their natural surroundings.  Anyone who has visited a fair sample understands the traits of the common locations. … Continue reading Hiking the German/Austrian Border

Coastal Hikes

Like any good vacation, I didn’t do everything I wanted, although the experience was meaningful and enjoyable. The main difference between what I originally envisioned and what I did was that I skipped the Fisherman’s Trail and lingered in Lisbon for a few extra days. I did complete fantastic cliff and beach hikes and finally saw the Atlantic Ocean from its Eastern coast. What went wrong Transportation outside … Continue reading Coastal Hikes