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The Feeling of Anonymity


There is so much freedom in solo travel. Not just with movement and activities but within the complex relationship you have with yourself; How you present yourself to others; The version of yourself you choose to be. Having no preexisting relationships, you have a rare chance to be exactly who you are in the present. You decide who is allowed to forge a relationship with you.

You have the absolute freedom to be yourself. No one knows your past and will be unable to find anything you do or say “out of character.” Your current positions are a mystery and you are allowed to reveal as little or as much as you see fit. Your future is unknown, thus affording you unlimited potential. You are allowed to remain anonymous or become familiar to those around you.

This freedom, which I do not experience in any other context, is one of the key rewards of solo travel.

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“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants. ”

-C. Chanel