My First Visit to England 

The year began with a short but lovely visit to England! Grassy rolling hills, delicious desserts, the calming sea, colorful graffiti art and ornate iconic buildings made a long weekend feel so full! Most of the trip was spent on the coast in Brighton and Hove, less than an hour from London and located near amazing hiking routes, most notably South Downs National Park. Hiking … Continue reading My First Visit to England 

Finally Looking at 2017

I’ve taken a short break from blogging, as it’s winter in Minnesnowta and the days are cold and the nights are long; Good movie-watching, tea or beer sipping, binge-reading and baking time. However, many opportunities and reasons to travel have continued to come along and I’m mentally making a schedule for the second half of this year. After visiting eight countries on my own over … Continue reading Finally Looking at 2017