Traveling with an Anxiety Diagnosis

I want to share the fact that I have anxiety and still travel abroad alone because social stigma leads us (those with mental health issues) to believe we are incomplete or inadequate in the face of something new and difficult. Continue reading Traveling with an Anxiety Diagnosis


Traveling Via Art

Calling all Minneapolis Friends and Readers: I’m happy to share a beloved spring tradition and one reason why I absolutely love my city – the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival is back April 13-29. I’ve volunteered and attended festival screenings for several years and it’s always such a delight! Viewing and empathizing with stories told from different perspectives and set in places far away is a special experience. … Continue reading Traveling Via Art

The Delicious Side of Travel

I’m very excited to visit Germany over Easter weekend – another quick trip, this time to the Frankfurt area. To prepare a bit and get in the mood, my weekend involved learning about wine from the Rhine and Mosel regions. Unable to name a German wine beyond Riesling and Gewürztraminer, I was desperate for insight into what is available and a nice choice for an Easter … Continue reading The Delicious Side of Travel

Accidental “Salzburg on a Budget”

I’ve never written a How to Travel on a Budget-type post but after reflecting on a recent day trip to Salzburg, Austria, I see that the visit could definitely be described as “budget travel.” Thus, here is an unintentional How to Visit Salzburg on a Budget post. Keep in mind I did none of the traditional “top” activities – no visits to any palaces, fortresses … Continue reading Accidental “Salzburg on a Budget”