Spring in HessenĀ 

Currently, I’m on my way home from a long weekend in Wiesbaden, Mainz and Frankfurt. Springtime was everywhere and it was just lovely! So many tulips, daffodils and other flowers scattered across every patch of grass; Birds singing everywhere; A sun shower (lots of April rain); Fresh green all around.  Although the weekend had a lot of sweet and fun activities, an Easter Sunday hike … Continue reading Spring in HessenĀ 

One Door Closes, Another Opens

Hopefully you have experienced unexpected joy while traveling. Maybe you got lost in a city but found a really interesting neighborhood you fell in love with? Or stumbled into conversation with a new friend while waiting in a line, or riding a train? Or ventured into the only open restaurant in town and found it delicious and comforting? One of the strongest lessons I’ve learned traveling is that there … Continue reading One Door Closes, Another Opens