Beaches of Asturias

Playa del Silencio

Although featuring a nice pebbled beach suitable for swimming and sunning one’s self, I fell in love with the jagged, West portion of the beach with neat lines of rock poking out of the water. It was a lot of fun stepping among the rocks (with sturdy shoes) and looking out for small sea life and admiring the jewel colors created by the marriage of earth and ocean! 

The cliffs that loom over the beach show a mix of soft soil with grasses and wildflowers and exposed rock layers. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes while looking at the colorful sections of earth, made especially vibrant when dampened by rain and sea. The name of the beach misleading, as the sound of powerful waves hitting rocks and the strong winds is anything but silent.

Layers of the earth


A small town along the coast, Cadavedo has a named beach of its own. However, a bit hidden and further West of that beach is an accessible rocky natural beach with a beautiful view of the coastal cliffs. There are two “roads” to this location and one is an incredibly steep dirt road leading through a farm field; I found this is the less-desired route! Something really exciting on this trip is knowing that around every corner or cliff is a new view of the sea; I never know exactly what to expect but it is always breathtaking!


Playing in the waves and rocks on the coast of Asturias is a beautiful adventure! Although some beaches are quite well known, I feel it’s almost impossible to claim some are more beautiful than others. Sometimes nothing is more inspiring than seeing life at work and tiny ocean communities blooming with plants and animals, or the wide range of colors nature creates in one viewpoint – reds, yellows and purples in rock and green grass featuring blue and white wildflowers. On this coast weather is just as dramatic as the landscape with a steady and rapid cycle of cloud cover, showers and sun. No doubt this only adds to the wonderful natural characteristics of the lands. I highly recommend a visit to any “beach,” manicured or completely natural along the coast of Asturias. Please know a rain coat and shoes with a sturdy sole are just as important and as a swimsuit and towel of you want to really enjoy the surroundings!

Thank you for reading and if you want to see more pictures find me on Instagram: @cestlaruby 


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