Figuring out my style

Update: I spent three days in Prague, not quite on a “whim” but for what I thought would be a brief visit with the intention of moving on to Lake Bled in Slovenia or South Tirol, destinations where I want to spend significant time. Being another huge city and well-known party scene, I had my reservations about doing a solo trip to Prague. However it is the “city of one thousand spires” and cited for its beauty, so I thought I’d like it anyways and I didn’t look at other Czech destinations…until I became painfully bored. 

The Charles Bridge at sunset.

Prague has nothing specific to dislike. It just felt like a sea of drunken stag partiers, holidaymakers eating overpriced trdelnik ice creams and people doing the same generic activities that can be found in any European metropolis. Fortunately I received helpful information from locals and planned an alternative outside of Prague.

I felt better out of the bustle. At Tiske stĕny.

I am now finishing up my second full week in Czech Republic and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve found some smaller cities where I can do the same activities I might have done at home, minus my wonderful family and friends. At this point in the journey I need a calm environment; this isn’t a vacation but daily living. A recurring problem I’ve experienced is failing to distinguish between major “tourist” destinations and places that are a reasonable temporary “home” – although these are not mutually exclusive. The easy choice is to just follow the crowd and I’m learning to quit doing that and go with my intuition. No more visiting a site because it’s somewhere you’re “supposed to” go.

UNESCO heritage site Cesky Krumlov, a major tourist destination but small enough to catch my breath.

At the end of the week I will head to Brataslava and then on to the Low Tatras. I’m not-so-patiently waiting for the August busy season to cool in southern Europe and have put my original plans on hold but I think Slovakia is going to be great.

Thank you for reading!



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