This is just a brag about my home territory, Minnesota. The coast of Lake Superior is a particularly beautiful and interesting part of the state, along what is called the Iron Range. Forests, small yet powerful rivers, dramatic hills and lake-side cliffs are a visual treat for visitors. Over time volcanic activity and glaciers sculpted the land surface so that, interestingly, the highest point in Minnesota, Eagle Mountain … Continue reading Minnesota

Help! Communicating is Difficult.

How do you stay connected to the important people in your life while traveling? Whether it’s offering support or just being the source of meaningful conversation, remaining in touch is key to emotional and physical health but to many it remains an afterthought of travel. My first week abroad I was very anxious. Fear of missing out on joy my friends and family would be having without me, … Continue reading Help! Communicating is Difficult.

Winding Down in Dresden

The sunset of this summer adventure fell in Dresden. Although originally planning just hours in the city before flying from Berlin to Miami, flight change craziness ensued after finding out five days in advance that I had nowhere to stay upon reaching the U.S. (boo hurricanes). For all the stress that came from changing plans, I did enjoy Dresden. Feeling tired physically, burnt out emotionally, and a bit sad about needing to return to the U.S., I wanted to both relax … Continue reading Winding Down in Dresden