San Francisco in November

After a third visit to San Francisco in the last year, I can openly declare my addiction to and love of this city. A rare gem suitable for the solo traveler, urban adventurer, rugged sporty type or foodie, San Francisco has it all: beaches, nearby forests, miles of roadways for cycling, urban art, fun shops (sustainable and used recycled included), reliable public transportation, yummy eats and hostels … Continue reading San Francisco in November

Selling Travel

Recently a 59-year-old National Geographic magazine made its way into my possession. It’s somehow still in readable and good condition. Perusing and playing with it over the week as been really fun: The national/cultural profiles are still relevant and even offer a glimpse into things forever changed: rural Lebanon, honey hunting in Nepal and 1958 surface maps of Antarctica. Another interesting feature of this “time capsule?” –  The advertisements. The fonts, colors and illustrations scream ’50s and … Continue reading Selling Travel

Interplay Between Reading & Lived Experience

Reading a novel, poem or diary while traveling can enrich the experience. A powerful narrative may provide a sense of comfort or much-needed outlet for relaxation or “me time” when familiar sources of relief are absent. Receiving a book from a new friend or fellow traveler can feel like a souvenir or special possession. Written stories are ever-affecting and a beautiful complement to our reality; we relate to them, learn … Continue reading Interplay Between Reading & Lived Experience