Croatia’s Plitvička Jezera

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia has been a place I have always wanted to see since hearing about it. The unique chemistry of the environment and the special plant life found within the park seemed magical. Now, at the end of my European tour, I could finally experience this place. The first full day in spent in Croatia and near the park in Jezerce was … Continue reading Croatia’s Plitvička Jezera

Central Europe: Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia 

After four weeks traveling around Central Europe I finally found time to share what I’ve been seeing and doing. My plans have undergone numerous changes, most notably skipping the Tatras, but I have been having a great time with most days spent hiking or wandering cities. Either way, a lot of time spent outside. For the most part getting around is easy using public transportation … Continue reading Central Europe: Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia 


I’ve just arrived in Prague after a restorative week in Luzern, Switzerland. Rainy days encouraged the slow pace, however, the goal of the week was to simply rest, eat right and relax on a level not quite possible in hostels – and it was achieved. I’ve been feeling a bit worn down from travel, having an erradic sleep schedule and not eating as well as … Continue reading Recharging


Scotland has been “home” for the past two weeks and the experience has actually felt a bit “homey” and comfortable. I’ve always wanted to visit but felt overwhelmed by the number of fascinating places to go and wonderful things to see. Scotland packs a real cultural punch and offers an amazingly diverse landscape. For example, I learned by busing between destinations I could catch a … Continue reading Scotland!

Sentiero del Viandante: Bellano to Varenna

After establishing my summer adventure would include a short stay off Lake Como, I immediately went searching for hiking guides to the area. Most easily found information addressed the West side of the lake, however, Walking the Italian Lakes (Gillian Price) provided maps and information on hikes where I would be located on the East “arm” including the Sentiero del Viandante, part of a millennias … Continue reading Sentiero del Viandante: Bellano to Varenna