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Goodbye 2016

Now that the sun has begun to set on the year, it’s a natural opportunity to remember all the wonderful things that came out of it. The last twelve months took me away from home for forty nights, visiting four countries as well as eight U.S. states. I was very fortunate to have more travel opportunities than 2015. It made life fascinating and rich, which is exactly how it should be. The experiences were diverse – traveling alone, with family, with friends, with a partner and for work. Adventures included oceans, mountains, castles, redwoods, bears and whales. I got lost, fell ill to food poisoning, cried, and slept on an airport floor. On the whole it was a beautiful year and I’m so thankful the way it unraveled. There were a few ups and downs, one captured in what turned out to be the most popular post of 2016, Mending Myself. Fifty six of you checked it out the day it was published! Take a look if you haven’t seen it.

Over the next week or so I will write about the best things 2016 gave me.

Thank you for reading! I’m happy to know you all take interest in my travels. Also, thank you to my family and friends that encourage travel, join me on adventures and put up with my schedule! These kinds of support add meaning to these experiences.


Massive Fun in Berlin

Berlin was so engaging there wasn’t any time for me to think about a post. Now that I’m waiting for my flight to Brussels, here are some highlights:

Obviously I drank a lot of beer. This is at Brauhaus Lemke in Mitte.

  • Exploring the different neighborhoods and parks. I really liked Mitte, Kreuzberg, and the area around the East Side Gallery. At night I went to a cool bar on the east side of town with a hip hop show that was so much fun!
  • Cycling. I was able to get a bike thanks to the BikeSurf community, which provides shared bikes at a pay-what-you-want rate. Berlin is safe and friendly for bikers and as someone who cycles around at home, it felt really comforting and natural to zoom around all day.
  • Food! I ate so much for so cheap. I had tons of coffee and a lot of Turkish food. You could go out for every meal and never get tired of your options. 
  • Green space. Berlin has lots of parks around the city and ACTUAL trees. Amsterdam was making me feel claustrophobic with all the pavement. I noticed the difference in the atmosphere as soon as I arrived in Berlin. Viktoria Park is especially pretty and has a large hill offering a great view if the city. Just sitting in the grass there was so restoritive and badly needed after 3 days of running around. 

Sunset along the Spree

  • The art was great and there are too many things to say about it for this post. The street art, the independent galleries, the public exhibitions and sculptures. The city changes visually everyday. And then there are all the museums I didn’t even set foot in.
  • The people! Really friendly people were everywhere and very interested in chatting if it was possible (I don’t really know German). I had conversations with people from every continent and hearing what brought them to the city and why they like it was amazing. There were a lot of smiles and lots of laughter.

I think I will need to go back for more someday. 
Thanks for reading,