About me

Where I’m from 


Not Minnesota. This is in Czech Republic.


I’ve spent three plus decades of my life in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It can be cold. It’s rather flat. For some weird reason it’s a thing here to eat horrifically unhealthy foods served on wooden popsicle-like sticks (such as butter). All those things aside, there are many enjoyable aspects of life in Minnesnowta; a strong biking, music and arts scene. We take relatively good care of our outdoor spaces and have many state parks and a few nationally protected lands within our border. Minneapolis ranks high in all things health, fitness and literacy. This has impacted my lifestyle and hobbies with many of my favorite activities rooted in Minnesota life: urban bike rides, trail runs, forest hikes, watching and playing football (soccer), drinking beer, reading and cooking. While traveling and at home I love searching for vintage travel ads and scavenging flea markets an bookshops for old postcards. Professionally I’ve bounced around various organizations dedicated to public health, public access to green space and women’s empowerment. Currently, I’m looking for work abroad and studying to become an ESL teacher.

Where I’ve been


I’ve visited Spain annually since 2014.


2014: Paris, France. Madrid, Spain. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Los Angeles, USA.

2015: Zurich, Switzerland. Munich & Bavaria, Germany. Austria. Lisbon & Sintra, Portugal. Winnipeg, Canada (World Cup). Santa Barbara, Milwaukee, Chicago, USA.

2016: Northwestern United States, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Berlin, Germany. Brussels & Bruges, Belgium. Madrid, Cuenca & Valencia, Spain. San Francisco, USA.

2017: I spent 100 days traveling Europe in summer, visiting Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, & Switzerland. I had the pleasure of seeing London & south coastline of England in winter January.

Mount Pilatus in Switzerland

Where I’d Like to Go Next

Albania, Morocco, South Africa, Mexico & New Zealand

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.”
-Ernest Hemingway


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