About me

Where I’m from 

I’ve spent the first three decades of my life in Minneapolis, Minnesota which has a strong biking, music, art and brewery/beer culture, making it a lovely place to be young and active. Some of my favorite things to do at home and abroad: urban bike rides, trail runs, mountain hikes, watching and playing football (soccer), drinking beer and eating sweets.

Where I’ve been

Segovia Puerta de al Claustra 3 - Copy2014: Paris, France. Madrid, Spain. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Los Angeles, USA.
2015: Zurich, Switzerland. Munich & Bavaria, Germany. Austria. Lisbon & Sintra, Portugal. Winnipeg, Canada (World Cup). Santa Barbara, Milwaukee, Chicago, USA.
2016: Northwestern United States, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Berlin, Germany. Brussels & Brugges, Belgium. Madrid, Cuenca & Valencia, Spain. San Francisco, USA.
2017: London & Brighton/Hove, England; Hessen & Bavaria in Germany; Salzburg, Austria.

Where to Next:

I am headed to Europe in mid-June for 4-5 months. The itinerary is not final but I have plans to visit Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England and Croatia. Many other countries will be included in the adventure.

Where I’d Like to Go Next

Slovenia for hiking & Morocco just because.

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.”
-Ernest Hemingway

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