About Me

I’m Ruby. I spent almost three decades of my life in Minneapolis, Minnesota before setting off to travel the world. I wish I’d known so many things before I began traveling solo -that it can be affordable, it’s a great way to learn how the world works, it’s not lonely or dangerous and opportunities to work and volunteer are everywhere. I want to share my experiences so someone else can learn from my mistakes – the biggest being waiting too long to try something that has become integral to who I am now. My best travel experiences had nothing to do with getting deal or checking off a “bucket list” item but came about by being open to a conversation with a new person, connecting and enjoying something together.

Mount Pilatus in Switzerland. 

In 2014 I took my first solo trip to Paris, France and spent a week exploring the city. I was almost 30 years old yet had never had the opportunity to go to a foreign country by myself. The experience completely changed me and I wish I’d done it sooner. Since then  I’ve visited 29 countries, 22 of them alone. Sometimes it’s a quick trip and other times I have been able to settle in and get to know a place over a span of several weeks or months. I’ve lived in New Zealand and Austria and got to know these places very well. 



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